MindBody Mastery Personal and Professional Development Coaching by Corey Lee Lewis

What Are Past Clients Saying?


The following testimonials are from clients who have worked with Corey either as a full time coach or who have attended one of his other forms of MindBody Mastery Classes and Sessions.


“After only 3 short months of working with Corey, I feel more empowered and in control of my life.  Before our coaching sessions, I felt unmotivated to make some necessary decisions about some major personal and professional issues.  Corey helped me incorporate some great daily habits into my routine that allowed me to focus more on the positive rather than the negative and to search for solutions instead of concerning myself with problems.  Through a more gratitude-oriented perspective, he taught me to not be overcome by fear and to organize my desires and achieve my goals in small, manageable steps.  The most amazing result of our work together is my newfound ability to find creative solutions to challenges in all areas of my life.  I am no longer intimidated by my desires and feel more prepared than ever to succeed in everything I want to do.  Thank you so much, Corey!”


– Suzanne Bates Jackson


  Executive Director, Fortune Cookie Kid Foundation



“I run my own private practice, Sacred Fire Energetics, that combines Massage Therapy with Reiki and other forms of energy healing, and I began working with Dr. Lewis recently to grow my business. In just a few sessions he showed me how to double my income with a systematized combination of using referrals, package deals, upselling and creative marketing. More importantly he motivated and guided me through the process of putting these new tools into practice and in just a few months’ time, I have doubled my income, and am now setting my sights even higher.”


– Christy Robertson


  Owner, Sacred Fire Energetics



“When I first moved back to Humboldt I was at an all-time low. After the woman that I thought I was going to marry, left me, I dropped out of the College, and was on the verge of suicide. Corey Lewis helped coach me back to being everything I was, and am capable of. Through his teachings of self-mastery I have now turned my life back around, and it is even better than before I fell. In a single year I have picked up all the pieces of my life and acquired an astounding level of success. In only five months of working for At&t I became the top salesman in my region, and one of the top sales people in the nation. I now have a new woman and partner in my life, who suits me better than the one I thought I would marry, and I have overcome many obstacles in my own personality that once held me back in succeeding in life.”


– Jason Rane



“My name is Josephine Johnson, and I’m a documentary singer-songwriter, who recently met with Corey Lewis. His coaching and mentorship is keen and focused: in just one hour I gained invaluable tools for building my business. Through question-and-answer and visualization techniques, Corey guided me in creating the action plan I need to better interact with and grow my fan base and business.  Thank you so much!”


– Josephine Johnson 



“Last summer my life changed permanently for the better after having seen you for MindBody Mastery Coaching. I came to you with the kind of depression that was low grade, yet always there, keeping me from my joyful self. My passion for life had all, but disappeared. We began with affirmations, feeling gratitude, visual emotional rehearsal and emotional anchoring, Ho`oponopono, and habitual interruption of negative thoughts. As we continued throughout the summer you were open to always finding new techniques for me. That ability to be on the cutting edge of what is available helped me to get a healing routine down. To this day, I use these techniques you taught me, as well as my own that I have weaved in. This way of healing is alive and vital in keeping me happy and healthy. I always have these tools to fall back on when depression comes around. Thank you, Corey, for changing my life!”


– Jen Ayo



“I went to a MindBody Mastery workshop, on memory and learning, taught by Corey Lewis with the intent of learning techniques for memorization. Unbeknownst to me, I was about to learn ways to tackle a much more debilitating part of my life, public speaking. I could feign confidence pretty well in front of people if it weren’t for my face turning unnatural shades of red every time I would step up to speak. This class taught me ways to forge new neuro-pathways to create different physical responses to that anxiety. I have had to implement these techniques a handful of times since and have actually been able to give a couple speeches without that embarrassing physical reaction. This practice takes a lot of focus and work but just knowing that I can conquer this hindrance has given me a true sense of confidence in public speaking and I am so grateful for that.”


– Robyn Potter



“As you know my wife of 50 years and I have had a problem for most of that time with her back seat driving me. This has occurred consistently even though I have not had any accidents, and other passengers are not bothered by my driving. It has been a constant source of strife between us. In fact, although I will drive with her on long trips, for years I have refused to drive anywhere in town with her as the passenger, and have instead had to let her drive. Recently we drove 5 hours to see you Dr. Lewis. Upon arrival I was so disgusted and angry that I tried but was unable to buy her a return airline ticket. I didn’t think I could stand the drive back with her. But, after our one single session with you Dr. Lewis, first with the two of us together and then separately, the next day we completed the return drive together, through rough mountain roads that had scared her so badly coming out, and we both enjoyed the entire trip without a single incident of back seat driving or any problems. We both returned home happy and safe, instead of being angry for days, as was usual for me after a drive like that. We both found ourselves happy and grateful for our trip together. Since that time, we both have enjoyed being in the car together, I am driving us around town again, and we are closer than ever. And best of all she is not afraid anymore. Dr. Lewis you are an extremely effective therapist and coach. We both are so grateful to you Dr. Lewis for this tremendously beneficial help.”


– Dr. Lon Delvert



“A year ago it had become undeniably clear that my life was out of balance, limiting me from living to my full potential. I would oscillate between frequent verbal outbursts at my children, and feeling insecure, timid and uncertain in my daily life, shrinking away from anything that I perceived to be too challenging. My sessions with Corey helped me identify ways to re-pattern my thought processes. They equipped me with the tools needed to be in control of my thoughts, feelings, and choices, and they provided me with a much needed release of some deeply ingrained self-limiting beliefs. Now, I feel so much greater harmony in my life. I am a much calmer, more compassionate parent, and I face the world with far greater courage, ease and confidence than ever.”


– Rebecca Harris



“I have learned so much from Corey Lewis. I have attended three of his workshops and have been able to grow both in my personal life, and professionally. I have been able to put strategies into practice, new ways of thinking, and I have also overcome challenges as a result of his inspiring workshops. He is a dynamic presenter; but beyond that, offers people an opportunity to “take away” real life approaches to better themselves as people. I have been able to overcome some fears of mine because of his coaching, and his course on leadership has made my practice as an educator stronger. Dr. Lewis also presented for my students, junior high 7th and 8th graders. He taught and inspired them so much in regards to learning, reading, and memorization strategies. It was an engaging and fun experience for them. The best part, is I love seeing them apply the things they learned in class!”


– Mary Ann Loch


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