MindBody Mastery Personal and Professional Development Coaching by Corey Lee Lewis

What is the Coaching Process Like?




The MindBody Mastery: 

Personal Development Coaching Process


Everything begins in the mind: first as a thought, then an intention, then a word, then an action. Every idea that becomes real in the world goes through the same process of transformation. It moves from the mind through the body, flowing from energy into manifesting as matter. Master this process and you will have mastered the universe.


The Four MindBody Steps


These Four Steps outline both the way your coaching strategy is structured, and the way in which we manifest any experience or thing in our lives. First it starts in the Mind, then it moves through the Body. Your coach will help you move through each step of this process, and will teach you a variety of ways to use each step, so that you will be able to do this on your own. It is through these four steps—Aligning, Intending, Enacting and Measuring—that we get whatever we get out of life, so learning to master them is a key to the universe. It is literally the way to take AIEM at any target or goal in your life and ensure that you hit the bulls-eye every time.


First you will use a variety of strategies to clarify what you want, align with, and strengthen your inner power, and improve how you feel in general.


Second you will access and develop specific strategies and plans for getting what you want, and maintaining the emotional state required to get it.


Third you will put those ideas into action and use the tools and strategies you have learned to maintain the emotional state you desire.


Fourth you will have measurable outcomes to determine if you have accomplished your original intention, or if adaptation, change and Re-Aligning are required to attain it.


Your Coaching Sessions


Your first Coaching Session, a 9o minute Introductory Session, is completely Free. During this session you can discuss why you are interested in coaching, and what you want to get out of it, as well as any concerns or questions you may have. After this initial, free session, you may decide to commit to a 6 month Coaching Commitment, but you are not obligated to do so. In addition, Corey coaches clients over the phone, and via skype, as well as in person, so he can meet with you, wherever you are.

Each coaching term lasts for six months. At the beginning of the coaching period you will meet with your coach on a weekly basis, for 90 minutes each session. At some point, after three or four months of weekly meetings, when you and your coach decide the time is right, you will graduate to bi-monthly sessions.



In each session your coach will “coach in the moment” responding to, and helping you with, whatever you are dealing with at that particular time in your life. In addition, you and your coach will have specific goals you are working toward, and a variety of “assignments” for you, which you will both review and work on. Thus, while keeping your eye on, and making progress toward, your largest life goals, you will also have help in dealing with the obstacles that arise on the way.

In addition to your regularly scheduled coaching sessions, you will have open email and messaging access to your coach, should you have questions, or should problems arise, at anytime during your six month coaching agreement.


Contact me at coreylewiscoaching@gmail.com or call me at 707.499.6159