MindBody Mastery Personal and Professional Development Coaching by Corey Lee Lewis


Who Does Coaching and Why?


There are a wide variety of people, from all walks of life, who have enjoyed the great benefits Personal and Professional Development Coaching can provide.


Entrepreneurs, business owners, sales people, teachers, managers and a number of other professionals in many fields have used coaching to increase their profits as well as reduce stress and become more fulfilled on the job. Artists, authors, musicians and architects have used the coaching process to stimulate both their creativity and productivity.


Many clients use the coaching process to improve their personal lives, from getting over long held phobias and addictions to healing relationships with others, or freeing themselves from depression, anxiety, or other emotional problems.


Whether it is a fear of public speaking, heights, or being a passenger in a car, our powerful coaching process has liberated people just like you from debilitating problems and allowed them to get the life they truly want.


Answer these five questions to see if Coaching is right for you?

    Would you like to feel happier and more fulfilled, more empowered and capable than you do now? Do you have any great dreams or aspirations that you have not yet achieved in life? Would you like to make more money or have a more fulfilling career? Are you unsure about what you want or how to get it?Is there any aspect of your life that you would like to improve, enhance or change? If you answered “Yes” to any of the five questions above, then you would be a good candidate for coaching.

Together, you and your coach, as a team, will work to help you achieve your own, personally directed goals. Your coach will give you the tools, and teach you how to use them, so that you will be able to build exactly the life you want.


Contact me at coreylewiscoaching@gmail.com or call me at 707.499.6159